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About Us

The daf BAMA MUSIC AWARDS is an international multicultural music award show presented by Daf Entertainment based in Hamburg, Germany. It has been created to honor artists from all over the world and at the same time unite the world with something as beautiful as music.This award shall immortalize creativity, unity and enjoyment among the global music lovers until the end of time.


Awards are presented to the best and most successful musicians in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Our Artistic Vision


Every culture has their own taste of music and songs, creating an amazingly rich multiplicity of people of these countries. From Ghazal singers to Rap artists!

We welcome artists from all over the world. Everyone lets their culture flow into their songs. You can hear everything from traditional Folk music (Schlager), modern Pop and RnB, Rap, HipHop to Rock music. Artists of all these genres are presented in a sophisticated and glorious way in front of the world on one Stage. So they have  the opportunity to reach an audience outside their own culture. At the same time the audience gets closer to the different cultures our diverse world has.

Our Technical system


In order to make the show an unique and unforgettable event for fans and artists, it is led by a professional team consisting of 40 members, consisting of: Specialists in Lighting and Sound, Stage Managers, Backstage Directors, Technical Director, Video Director as well as VJ's and DJ's. In addition to the technical and serving crew, a professional security team will accompany the entire event and each artist.

Our Target 


We want to devote ourselves to celebrate the international musical variety by honoring the recording artists and musicians. Raising massive public awareness for the betterment of the music industry and the worlds unity is our mission.

Following, our slogan is: daf BAMA MUSIC AWARDS we bring the world together!"

Award Categories & Vote System 


daf BAMA MUSIC AWARDS has a specific system and rules in creating categories and choosing best nominees. 

The Awards are divided into four categories:


A: Special Awards which created to honour best musician who have made outstanding contributions to the Music Industry. And each award has a special signification . { Legend Award& Lifetime Achievement Award & Icon Award }


B: Main Awards which created to honour most successful recording artists and year-releases and it depends on the public votes online on daf official website.{ Best Female & Best Male & Best New Female & Best New Male & Best Song & Best Album & Best Video & Best Collaboration & Best Performer}


C: Continental & Regional Awards

which are created to honor best recording artists in their regions and it depends on the board of directors to chose the most successful musicians in a specified time frame.

{ Best European Male Act & Best European Female Act & Best Asian Male Act & Best Asian Female Act & Best Middle Eastern Male Act & Best Middle Eastern Male Act } and etc. 


D: Regional Awards which created to honour the most successful recording artists in their countries, being chosen by the board of directors in a specified time frame. Then needed to be voted for by the public through hashtags on social media sites.t media.

{ Best German Act & Best French Act & Best Spanish Act & etc


BAMA MUSIC AWARDS®  is a registered Brand of Daf Entertainment with the European Trademark Office!

daf Entertainment 


Daf Entertainment is more confident after the last three years successful unveiling shows of DAF BAMA Music Awards and they want to make this event even more magnificent. There is always more action and care taken to make it better!


We, Daf Entertainment, from Hamburg, Germany earned our name for unmatched quality and instinctive creativity in event organization, concerts and music videos. Presenting constantly unique entertainment compelled us to capture the leading position.


Starting from 2008, we came a long way leaving our success mark in every turn. 

Daf Entertainment was the uniting gate of east and west culture and now it’s working like a strong based bridge for that relationship. We have a successful history of highlighting the best artistic individuals and industry gurus of the Persian speaking music industry over the last decade.


With this project, we are appealing to the self-understanding of our co-existence and worlds diversity . 

"In the end, it's a feeling. And feeling is love. Music is love. We are all one. " DAF Entertainment.

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